A First Word...

We have a great passion and love for growing and marketing our produce.  However, we are not defined by the title farmer.  We appreciate the farming opportunity we have been given, but in a world where people are often defined by job titles, we choose to be defined by the bible.  We choose to be defined as children of God.  We choose to live by grace, by mercy, and by love.  Do we live up to those expectations everyday?   We will never be perfect in this life, but we will do our best to extend the same grace, mercy and love that we have been shown to those around us.  Please accept our apologies for the times that we may fall short.

Our Story

Craig and Amy were high school sweethearts, graduating from Chestnut Ridge High School.  Upon graduating, Craig headed off to college in Iowa where he earned an Associates degree  in farm management.   In 2009, Craig earned a Bachelor degree in Pastoral Ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas.  After graduating, Amy earned an Administrative Assistant Associate degree from Cambria Rowe Business College.  They have been married 16 years and have four children, Isaiah, Gracie, Emma, and Ezekiel.  Happy (pictured right) is the family's 5 year old Australian Shepherd.   The family has been growing produce for six years.  It started out as a summer project for Craig and the children as Amy was working full time and Craig homeschoolled the kids.  They have recently purchased a 30 acre farm in Cessna where they grow and market a wide variety of fresh, quality, produce.
The children are a huge part of the family business.  They are involved in every process from sorting through seed calalogues, starting seeds, transplanting, harvesting, and working the markets.  They are a joy and a blessing to the farm and the customers.